The Invitation – The First Letter

Hey, it’s me, Christa. (Hi!)
The God who created you, and me and everything that exists has put it on my heart to share His love for you with you.

Please read this. It’s not perfect. I’m faaarrr from perfect, but I’m happy to answer any questions you might have or refer you to someone who can if I can’t.

Take a moment to process what you just read.

🤔 Do you believe me – like you believe you’re going to get a paycheck when you work? (Humans function in believing all the time. Belief usually has to do with relationship, not scientific proof, but most of us function in belief even in areas of science. We believe the scientists or teachers are telling the truth; we usually haven’t done all the research and proof ourselves.)

Why or why not?

Do you believe –

🤔 I’m a liar, in the habit of lying to people about God. Or do you think I am normally trusted to tell the truth?

🤔 I’m crazy. Imagining things that aren’t real on a regular basis? (Close friends and family may not comment here, please…🤣😉)

🤔 I could possibly be right, that the Creator of all things wants me to share His love FOR you – WITH you.

You are loved by God and there is real proof to this in every work of art He displays. Rainbows, waterfalls, rabbuts, dna, stars – all of creation!…Is there a house on earth that exists with no builder – or a canvas with exquisite design that had no human endeavor in it’s making? You might find a rock on the ground and say it came there by coincidence, but a house? Show me proof that there is no God and I pray to show you the God who not only exists but is a God who loves us and rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Is He worth seeking?

Come and find out! But know first, He is seeking you, and He totally believes you are worth it.

Please join me on this journey.

🥰 Visit often.

🥰 Email me or comment.

❤ You are dearly loved.

❤ Resources. ❤

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