Comfort for a Hurting World – Letter 2

Hey, it’s me, again, Christa. (Hi!)

How’s your day going?

Hoping there’s something to make you smile and that you feel treasured and loved – for you truly are.

I battled depression for – hang on, I’m counting – 37 years. Sort of cool, I’ve been free now for 1.5 years. It’s sort of nice to feel happy most of the time and not be so tired all day long, but tears and sorrow have their place as well as joy and smiles. I do not think I regret one tear.

πŸ€” What do you think? Are you happy most of the time? – or sad? – or not feeling, sort of dead from all the pain? or just more practical, less emotional?

The Bible says God keeps all of our tears in a bottle. It’s a good thing He’s God, because my bottle would have to be bigger than anything this world could make.

True Story.


My oldest daughter saw me crying in my “chair.” (I have a chair, a very comfy chair.) She sweetly came to me with a full new box of tissues and said, “Mom, I will give you a tissue for every tear you cry, until your tears are all gone.” So sweet. Then a little, 8 yr old voice spoke out loudly and clearly in a deadpan voice from the other room,



Of course, I had to stop crying, and started laughing, but the Lord hears our cries and cares for the tears we shed.

This is real. Like my hubby is real, like you are real. Flesh and blood. A God we can touch and see and feel that is just, holy, righteous, yet gentle, merciful, loving and kind.

What questions do you have about God – or maybe for God – if you could ask Him? Would you email me one or two questions to and I’ll try to answer them in a post from God’s letter to you, His Word, the Bible. Or just shoot a note to say hi or send a comment.

God longs for you to know the joy He has for you. His joy goes deeper than my broken brain and body. It was the joy set before Christ that caused Him to endure the suffering of the cross.

Prayers you sleep well tonight with no fear or pain, but that if you are suffering you know or come to know the hope of joys to come.

God’s peace. Christa

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